About Dunlop Aircraft Tyres

Dunlop: Committed to Aircraft Dispatch Reliability

The operator is at the heart of everything we do.  Always.  Because each tire that we make or retread earns its right to be called a Dunlop.

Which means that our drive for ever-improving product performance and tire safety is as determined as it is relentless.  Which is just as our founder, the inventor of the pneumatic tire, intended.

As the aviation specialist, Dunlop understands better than any the crucial contribution of both performance and service to dispatch reliability.  Everything counts.

So with the operator at the heart of everything we do, dispatch reliability is the focus of all we do.

Worldwide Certifications

As a global aviation business working in partnership with airframe constructors and industry stake holders it is no surprise that Dunlop meets the world's most exacting aviation standards.

  • EASA Part 21 Subpart J
  • Part 21 Design Organisation Approval.
  • Part 145 Repair Station (at all our sites)
  • FAA, CAAC, AS9100 and many more.

It all comes together to ensure that Dunlop is always world class; every, tire every time.

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A Global Manufacturer and Supplier

At Dunlop Aircraft Tires we are proud of our global, flexible and tailored service offer.  No matter what you need, where you need it or how many you want, our service agents make it all happen with the minimum of fuss and the maximum of commitment.

  • A network of sites maintaining a carefully calculated range of tires.
  • Small or large batch production for tires when you need them.
  • Dedicated logistics professionals carefully maintaining global inventory and operator pools.
  • A dependable group of distributors holding stock for immediate supply.
  • Scale is no object - check out our C-17 service case study.


A Global Manufacturer and Supplier

Supplying and Retreading for Asia Pacific

Dunlop Aircraft Tyres (Jinjiang) Company Limited provides after-market services and retreading in the Asia Pacific region.

With a range of retread aircraft tires supporting popular modern aircraft and approvals from many local airworthiness authorities and operators, Dunlop actively supports a growing fleet of regional, narrow and wide bodied aircraft across the region.  To find contacts click here.


World Class Service in The Americas

North Carolina: the home of flight and of Dunlop's after-market and airplane tire retreading factory for civil and military aircraft operating in north, central and south America.   We don't mind if you call it a tire or a tyre; just so long as you call it a Dunlop.   To find contacts click here.