Tires & Databook for Boeing 737 Classic

The venerable Boeing 737 series has graced the skies for more than 50 years in its many guises and is the best-selling commercial aircraft of its class in history.  Capacities range from 85 seats for the oldest aircraft to well over 200 for the most modern variants of this popular airframe.  Use the form below to download the databook.

The classic designation refers to Boeing 737 300 through to Boeing 737 500 and these aircraft fit different sized main gear tires than the tires fitted to the main gear of the newer Boeing 737 Next Generation airplanes.

A H40x14.5-19 (DR23631T) main gear tire, rated to 225mph with a ply rating of 26 is commonly fitted to many Boeing 737 Classics though a H42x16.0-19 (DR24824T) tire is also available.  Nose landing gear duties for the Boeing 737 Classics are taken care of by a 27x7.75-15 (DR25821T) tire.

Both tires for the 737 classic from Dunlop can be retreaded many times and the tires are known in the industry for their high strength and dependability.  Being fitted to a Boeing 737, one of the hardest working aircraft in the skies means that the tires can perform maybe up to 7 cycles per day with ease.

Download the Dunlop Boeing 737 Databook

Get even more information about the products Dunlop offer for the Boeing 737C in a really handy databook. This resource, just about the tires for the Boeing 737 classic, is perfect for commercial and technical departments.

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