Tires for Boeing 747

An aviation icon.  A design classic.  The most recognisable airplane silhouette of all time.  Its grace, poise, majesty, and elegance belie its gigantic proportions with incomparable subtlety.  There is nothing like a 747.  Download the Dunlop Boeing 747 Databook using the form below.

Notwithstanding some super large aircraft such as the Antonov 124 and Antonov 225 - both of which run Dunlop - the Boeing 747 is among the select group of airliners fitted with a staggering number of tires.

Sixteen H49x19.0-22 (DR26020T) aircraft tires are fitted to main gear bogies beneath the wings and the fuselage of the Boeing 747-400.  It was the only way enough tires could be deployed to support the immense loads of this incredible machine.

Unusually for most modern aircraft, the Boeing 747-400 nose gear tires are the same size (H49x19.0-22) as the tires fitted to its main landing gear.

In total eighteen of these enormous tires are required to safely operate the Boeing 747-400.  Each one of these tires can be retreaded up to seven times which reduces the overall cost of ownership of the tires for Boeing 747-400.