Tires for Boeing 757

The Boeing 757 was designed to replace the smaller Boeing 727.  It became a classic aircraft; capable of carrying up to 295 passengers and it a popular freighter aircraft.  Over 1000 Boeing 757’s were built since it was introduced.  Download the Dunlop Databook for the Boeing 757 using the form below.

Using the same size main gear tires as the popular Boeing 737 classic, H40x14.5-19 (DR23631T), the Boeing 757 increased the number of tires on each main gear bogie from two tries to four tires.  This means the 757 aircraft sports a total of eight main gear H40x14.5-19 tires instead of the four identical aircraft tires fitted to the Boeing 737 Classic.

The difference to the Boeing 737 Classic stops on the nose gear with the Boeing 757 deploying a H31x13.0-12 (DR23722T) tire which is larger than the 27x7.75-15 nose tire fitted to the classic.

Both the main tire and the nose tire can be retreaded many times due to the strong and robust Dunlop design philosophy.