Tires for Boeing 767

The Boeing 767 is a twinjet wide bodied aircraft that can seat up to 375 passengers.  Due to its size, reliability and operating economics it is a popular freighter aircraft as well as a successful passenger aircraft.  Over one thousand examples of the type were built.  Get the Dunlop Tire Databook for the Boeing 767 by completing the form below.

A large aircraft typically requires large tires and plenty of them.  The main landing gear of the Boeing 767 is fitted with Dunlop H46x18.0-20 size tires with a ply rating of 32 and a speed rating of 235mph. 

On the Boeing 767 a total of eight main gear H46 tires are shared between two landing gear bogies with four tires slung beneath each wing.

The landing gear fitted to the nose of the 767 is a H37x14.0-15 (DR23225) Dunlop tire.  This nose landing gear tire is larger than the main gear tire fitted to some regional aircraft!  The tire is rated for 235mph and has a ply rating of 24.

The Dunlop tires offer great performance in terms of both landings and retread lives.