Tires for Bombardier CRJ 1000

The largest aircraft in the Bombardier CRJ family is the CRJ1000.  The aircraft is a stretched version of the CRJ900 and it will seat up to 100 passengers.  In common with its sister aircraft; the Bombardier CRJ1000 features engines mounted on the fuselage towards the rear of the airplane.  Access the Dunlop tire Databook for the Bombardier CRJ 1000 by completing the form below.

The Dunlop nose tire for the CRJ1000 is common with the nose tire for the CRJ 700 and CRJ900 – a 20.5x6.75-10 chined bias tyre. (DR32212T).  This offers robust design and good landing performance.  The main tire for the Bombardier CRJ1000 s very similar to the main tire for the CRJ700 and 900, it is a H36x11.5-19.  This means it is a slightly narrower tire than the tire for CRJ 700 / 900 but the size of the wheel is slightly larger.

The Dunlop nose tires and main tires can be retreaded in both the UK and in China; giving the operators of the CRJ1000 great choice for tire supply and a strong capable range of aircraft tires.