Tires for Bombardier (De Havilland) Dash 8 400

A stretched version of the Bombardier Dash 8 300; the Dash 8 400 series of the popular Dash 8 turboprop platform has become a popular and economic turboprop airliner.  It can seat up to 90 passengers in high density configuration but typically seats fewer.  Download the Dunlop Databook for the Dash 8 400 using the form below.

The Dash 8 400 airframe, which was stretched by nearly 7 metres over the Dash 8 300 airframe is bigger, heavier and faster than the 300 series.  And it is comfortable too.

Consequently, the main gear tires for the Bombardier Dash 8 400 are uprated compared to its smaller siblings.  A 34x10.75-16 (DR0231T) main landing gear tire supports the increased load and the faster speed.  The tire is rated to 210mph which is faster than the tires for the Dash 8 300.  Nose landing gear duty is carried out by a 22x6.50-10 tire which, whilst nominally is of the same tire size as that of the Bombardier Dash 8 300, is also rated to the faster speed of the 400 series airplane.

Both tires for the Bombardier Dash 8 400 airplane are retreaded by all Dunlop facilities and offer compelling economics and performance.