Tires for Embraer 135/ 140/ 145 (ERJ)

The Embraer ERJ family is a family of regional jets produced by Embraer of Brazil.  Like the Bombardier CRJ family, it features engines mounted on rear of the fuselage.  The passenger capacity ranges from 37 passengers for the Embraer ERJ 135 up to 50 passengers for the Embraer ERJ 145.

The tires are of the same size for all designations of Embraer ERJ aircraft but with slight differences in some aspects of the tire dimension, the speed and the ply rating. 

The ERJ 135 operates with four 30x9.50-14 (DR31116T) tires on the main gear and two 19.5x6.75-8 tires on the nose.  The same tires can be fitted to the ERJ140.

The ERJ 145 can be fitted with an alternative main gear tire sized at H30x9.50-16 rated to 210mph or 225mph and a 19.5x6.75-8 tire rated to 210mph or 225mph.

Just like the Bombardier CRJ family of aircraft the nose tire is chined; the chine being a rubber embellishment that pushes water away from the engines.

Both tires can be retreaded and offer operators a compelling blend of performance and operating economics.