Tires for Embraer 170/175 (E Jet)

Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer markets a range of regional aircraft in its E-Jet family.  The Embraer 170 is the baby of the family, typically seating around 72 passengers.  The Embraer 175 is stretched and can seat up to 88 passengers.

Dunlop offers both radial and bias tires for the Emb 170 and 175.  The main gear tire is a H38x13.0-18 (DR31020T) or H38x13.0R18 for the radial tire.  The bias tire offers more retread lives than the radial tire for this Embraer aircraft.  The radial tire offers more landings per tire tread life but cannot be retreaded as much as the bias tire.  On the nose, a 24x7.7 (DR15857T) tire, common with the Embraer E190/195 is used.  This too, can be in radial or bias configuration.

Both types of Dunlop tire, radial and bias, are fitted to many fleets around the world including some of the operators of the most significant sized fleets of Embraer 170/175’s.