Tires for Embraer 190/ 195 (E Jet)

The Embraer 190 and Embraer 195 is a stretched (and then stretched again) version of the EMB 170/175.  As well as competing with other regional aircraft, the E190/195 competes also with small narrow bodied aircraft such as the Boeing 737.  It can carry up to 100 passengers in a single class configuration or as many as 124 passengers in a high density configuration.  Get more information by downloading the Dunlop databook, containing useful tire information for the Embraer 190 and Embraer 195 aircraft.  Use the form below to request your databook today.

Just like it offers for the E170/175, Dunlop offers both bias and radial aircraft tires for the E190/195. 

As the aircraft is larger than its little brother the main gear tire is also larger.  A H41x16.0-20 (DR31722T) or a H41x16.0R20 is available – trading off retreadibility for longer tread life.  The nose tire is identical to that of the Embraer 170/175; a 24x7.7 (DR15857T) in either radial or bias configuration.