Tires for Embraer 190/ 195 (E Jet)

The Embraer 190 and Embraer 195 is a stretched (and then stretched again) version of the EMB 170/175.  As well as competing with other regional aircraft, the E190/195 competes also with small narrow bodied aircraft such as the Boeing 737.  It can carry up to 100 passengers in a single class configuration or as many as 124 passengers in a high density configuration.

Just like it offers for the E170/175, Dunlop offers both bias and radial aircraft tires for the E190/195. 

As the aircraft is larger than its little brother the main gear tire is also larger.  A H41x16.0-20 (DR31722T) or a H41x16.0R20 is available – trading off retreadibility for longer tread life.  The nose tire is identical to that of the Embraer 170/175; a 24x7.7 (DR15857T) in either radial or bias configuration.

Compatible Tyres: