Learning for Life

Working at Dunlop

Aviation is a premium business sector. It is the industry which in one short century enabled man to dance the skies. And to dance those skies with an easy grace unimaginable when the Wright Flyer took off and changed everything. That was the start. Just after, we were there.

A career in aerospace is a career to be proud of.

For more than 100 years, Dunlop has played its part – present at the take-off and ready for the landing.

Join us in production, product design and development, process engineering or any other discipline and you will blaze your own trail to a rewarding aerospace career.

For Applicants in China: Mandy Cao

For Applicants in the UK: Emma O'Shaugnessy

For Applicants in the USA: Regina DuChemin



UK Graduate Intake

Dunlop is always looking for bright young minds to nurture.  Our graduate recruitment program has started the careers of many young people in aerospace. 

Our graduates deliver real value in many functions of the business.  We have placed our graduates in positions including operations management, program management, technical support and product design.  Selective rotation enables our graduate to either deepen experience in one area or to gain experience in other areas of the business.

For details: Emma O'Shaughnessy


UK Graduate Intake

Lifelong Learning With Dunlop

At Dunlop we wholeheartedly embrace and facilitate lifelong learning and offer a number of fulfilling, challenging and enhancing learning opportunities.

Using advanced approaches we inspire our team through a range of thoughtfully crafted learning streams including six sigma, aerospace engineering, material science and testing, health and safety, project management and leadership.

Our Values

Dunlop's core mission is to design and manufacture world class aircraft tires, provide a first rate service, and put the customer at the heart of everything we do.  This ensures that dispatch reliability, the number one metric by which airlines live, is always protected. 

All whilst meeting the product safety, quality and delivery requirements of our customers in compliance with regulations and at a compelling cost.

To achieve our mission all members of the Dunlop team live by values that are as simple as they are universal:

  • A culture of mutual trust and respect.
  • Never ending development.
  • We are all accountable.
  • We will succeed as one team.
  • All contributions will be recognised.

UK Apprentice Intake

Dunlop values practical skills as much as it values academic qualifications.  And no more so than the awesome abilities of our apprentices working in engineering, research and development and training.

So every year Dunlop recruits and trains a number of apprentices in its UK business.  Our apprentices typically stay with Dunlop for many years; splitting real world on the job training with college tuition.  Always learning and always delivering value.

For Information: Emma O'Shaughnessy

UK Apprentice Intake

Seriously Safe

Dunlop values each and every employee.  So we make sure that our focus on safety at work is rock solid.  This focus has seen us remove hazards, drive down avoidable accidents and make sure that every employee goes home in the same state as which they arrived.  Our focus is so acute, that we have logged over one thousand consecutive days without a reportable accident.