Dunlop: The Tires Beneath the C-17

From the popular Casa 235 turboprop to the remarkable Boeing C17 Globemaster III; Dunlop is a popular choice for tires for transport aircraft.
The global C-17 fleet transitioned from its previous supplier to Dunlop during the summer of 2014.  
The C17 contract was an important win for Dunlop.  It validates Dunlop’s ability to supply new and retreaded tyres in volume and on a global basis for mission critical applications.

To take on a fleet of nearly 300 aircraft whilst maintaining frictionless supply required planning equal to a military campaign.  It also needed obsessive commitment and unshakeable belief.

Like all good projects, Dunlop’s program managers split the project into discrete chunks and deployed the necessary resources with ruthless efficiency. 

The Dunlop approach was all about realising strength in depth and power in reserve.  This meant that everything happened to time and that there were no surprises along the way.

Each risk to the project was identified and with laser accuracy and with overwhelming force each risk was mitigated.

The first milestone, qualification of product, was a major achievement. 

With a deep reserve of design and R&D know-how built over 100 years, the Dunlop tires passed all of the qualification tests with flying colours. 

Long term success depends on the ability of the Dunlop team to deliver world class tire performance and first rate customer service both consistently and reliably.

The on time in full (OTIF) delivery metric  from Dunlop is consistently 100% and the performance of the tire satisfies the customer.

With 3 Boeing Gold Awards and the supply of thousands of tires to the C-17 program the indications are all good.