Website Account

About The Website Account

You can set up an account on the Dunlop Website.  It is called the Website Account.

It does not relate to your 'Customer Account' with Dunlop that is used for shipping and billing.

The Website Account, allows you to request a quotation or place an order on Dunlop.  It prevents you form having to type the same information, such as address and contact details, every time you want a quote.

When you request a quote or place an order through your Website Account, instead of sending an email for example, the site will fire an email into Dunlop and will lodge the details in a database.  You will receive a confirmation email. 

You sign up once and the information is there for future use.  It allows the quote process and the order process to be conducted more quickly.

To read and edit your account information (you will need to be logged in) click here.

To sign in to your account, recover a lost password or set up a new account click here.

To do anything else click a link at the top or bottom of the page.