Bias Tire Construction

Bias Tire Construction

Aircraft Tyres fall into two distinct technologies.  This article offers an introduction to the construction of Bias Tires.

The bias ply tyre  (illustrated) consists of casing plies running diagonally at approximate right angles to one another. The number of plies and the angles at which they are laid dictate strength and load capacity.

High-performance bias  aircraft tyres feature inter-tread reinforcing fabric (ITF). This provides additional high-speed stability, reduces tread distortion under load, protects the casing plies from damage and can act as wear indicators on retreadable tyres.

Some bias tyres, such as Dunlop's tires for the A400M, feature a kevlar like material to provide for even higher strength.

The bias tyre is robust and some examples can be retreaded up to 7 times which lowers the cost of ownership.