Tire Sidewall Markings

Tire Sidewall Markings

The information required to select an appropriate aircraft tire and mount it on the aircraft is shown on the sidewall. This list provides an explanation of the markings that you will normally see and a detailed explanation of airplane tire dimensions.

All aircraft tires feature the brand name and the size.  The size is often, though not always, denoted in inches.

Civil Aircraft Tire Markings

Test specification e.g. TSO C 62D.  (This term describes the test).
Max. Speed Rating e.g. 235mph.
Ply Rating (an index which denotes the strength of the tire).
Max Load Rating e.g. 30,000lbs.
Place of Manufacture.
Tubeless (denoting the tire does not need a inner tube).
The part code e.g. DR0231T.
The serial number of that  specific tire.
The skid depth which is the depth of the groove in the tread area.

Military Tire Markings

The military tire tends to have a few extra marks.

Tread Type.
AEA Code.
Cut Limit.
Military Stock Number.
Casing construction.

The image below shows a cross section of an aircraft tire and the varied dimensions that might be referenced.

The size of a tire includes its diameter e.g. 34 inches, the width of the tire e.g.10.75 inches and the size of the wheel to which the tire will be fitted, e.f. 16 inches.  Together, the dimension will read 34x10.75-16.  A radial tire will substitute the hyphen (-) for an R. For example, H38x13.0R18.